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Surgical Implants

Titanium Textiles develops, manufactures and distributes innovative products based on a unique microwire technology. As a result, ultra-thin, flexible and structurally complex titanium structures can be produced for the first time. This opens up completely new areas of applications for products made of titanium with unmatched biocompatibility.

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Product Highlights

  • TiSilk® Mesh

    Implants made of elastic titanium microthreads.

    They are designed to as a substitute for meshes made of polypropylene, for example, in pelvic floor, hernia or soft tissue surgery. We manufacture products with different pore sizes, weights and elasticity classes.

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  • TiSilk® - Sleeve

    Sleeves, tubes and tapes made of elastic titanium microthreads. Current fields of application include pelvic floor and reconstructive surgery.

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  • Titanell® - Suture Material

    Non-absorbable surgical sutures made of titanium microthread variants and needle-thread combinations.

    They complement the market for monofilament and polyfilament sutures. This results in a wide range of applications wherever non-degradable, highly biocompatible suture material is required.

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The superiority of elastic titanium

In modern surgery, titanium is known to be the most suitable material for patients, as it produces minimal immune response. Traditionally, titanium could only be used as a rigid material, for example in hip joints or dental implants. In contrast, the availability of titanium for flexible applications such as surgical mesh implants has been very limited. As a consequence, synthetic polymers like polypropylene are used in these applications that unfortunately elicit a huge foreign body response. Our innovative technology makes it possible for the first time to bring titanium into an elastic structure suitable for surgical mesh implants.

High Biocompatibility

Pure titanium is light, strong and non-toxic. Its bioinertness does not cause any adverse reaction in the bodily tissues.

Exceptional Formability

High stretchability and drapability to mold its shape according to the complex anatomical requirements.

No Material Degradation

Unlike synthetic material, titanium does not degrade in the body. Our mesh implants do not change their size or disintegrate over time. Their strength is retained permanently.


Titanium provides contrast in imaging procedures (e.g. MRI). This facilitates correct positioning and decisions on revisions.


News & Press

  • October 2022

    Marc Lorch is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Titanium Textiles AG

    At its last meeting, the Supervisory Board of Titanium Textiles AG elected Marc Lorch as its new Chairman. Marc Lorch has been a member of the Executive Board of König + Neurath AG since May 2022 and will take over as Chairman of the company’s Executive Board in the coming months. Before, he was CEO and spokesman of the executive board of Dr. Zwissler Holding AG in Gerstetten for many years.

    Read the full article: Press Release_Marc Lorch_10.10.2022

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  • June 2022

    TechTextil in Frankfurt

    This year, we took part at techtextil in Frankfurt and are returning with many impressions, interesting conversations and ideas. We are more motivated than ever to open up new fields of application with our disruptive technology. The congress confirmed once again that our ability to manufacture ultra-thin titanium wires and further process them into elastic textile structures is unique worldwide and creates new fields of usage in both medicine and industrial applications.

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  • September 2021

    Titanium Textiles awarded 1st place

    Titanium Textiles was conferred with the 2021 INNO AWARD innovation prize, which is awarded annually by the state’s association of technology centers (VTMV) and business promoters. The jury recognized the groundbreaking material technology of Titanium Textiles which makes it possible for the first time to produce elastic fabric from titanium. This opens up a wide range of conceivable applications, above all in medicine, where it enables patients to receive higher-quality care.

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