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Implants from Titanium Microwire

The innovation in Veterinary medicine

Our innovative microwire technology has made it possible for the first time to make titanium into an elastic structure, thus making the special advantages of titanium applicable in a wide range of surgical procedures.

Our product range is equally suitable for the treatment of small and large animals. By using high purity titanium, we create medical devices with unsurpassed biocompatibility. In addition, our surgical meshes are not subject to degradation reactions that can jeopardize the functionality of the meshes and, unlike conventional plastic meshes, do not shrink. The special properties of our products have been medically confirmed in various clinical studies.

Towards the development of our products for the veterinary field, we are pleased to have collaboration partners in order to be able to address the special needs of veterinary medicine in the best possible way. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Product Highlights

  • TiSilk® Mesh

    Implants made of elastic titanium microthreads.

    They are designed to as a substitute for meshes made of polypropylene, for example, in pelvic floor, hernia or soft tissue surgery. We manufacture products with different pore sizes, weights and elasticity classes.

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  • TiSilk® - Sleeve

    Sleeves, tubes and tapes made of elastic titanium microthreads. Current fields of application include pelvic floor and reconstructive surgery.

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  • Titanell® - Suture Material

    Non-absorbable surgical sutures made of titanium microthread variants and needle-thread combinations.

    They complement the market for monofilament and polyfilament sutures. This results in a wide range of applications wherever non-degradable, highly biocompatible suture material is required.

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Our product portfolio

  • Elastic Mesh Implants

    We offer elastic titanium mesh implants of different thickness, surface density and roughness, and pore size, suitable for guided tissue regeneration and surgical reconstruction of soft tissues, including tension-free hernioplasty, among other applications. Our product range includes both cuttable and preshaped implants, each in a variety of sizes and shapes. This individual adaptability of our products means that even large animals such as horses can be given appropriate medical care.

  • Elastic Sleeves Implants

    Our titanium elastic tubes and tapes are suitable for stabilizing soft tissue. The inner diameter varies optionally between 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. The length can be individually customized to suit individual needs. The products can be cut.

  • Surgical Suture Material

    Using pure titanium microfilaments, we produce surgical sutures with exceptional biocompatibility, minimizing the risk of inflammatory complications as well as rejection reactions. The suture material is particularly suitable for potentially contaminated wounds, as the risk of infectious complications is lower. The thickness of our suture material ranges between 65 µm and 1000 µm with a maximum length of 75 cm. We offer titanium sutures made of monofilament, twisted polyfilament and braided titanium microthreads.


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