TiSilk® - Mesh

Elastic titanium mesh implants

TiSilk® – Mesh are elastic mesh implants made of titanium microthreads intended for use in guided tissue regeneration and surgical reconstruction of soft tissues, including tension-free hernioplasty and pelvic floor reconstruction.

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TiSilk® - Sleeves

Elastic titanium sleeves

TiSilk® – Sleeves are elastic sleeves, tubes and bands made of titanium microthreads, which find diverse uses to their excellent material properties. TiSilk® – Sleeves are used, among other things, as band endoprostheses and tendon clips, but are also used to create a fiber layer on the surface of large joint endoprostheses and jaw endoprostheses.

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Titanell® - Suture Material

Suture material made of elastic titanium

Titanell® – Suture Material is suture material made from titanium microfilaments. By using pure titanium, our suture material has exceptional biocompatibility, which significantly reduces the risk of inflammatory reactions and prevents physical rejection.

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